Coronation Park
New Road
M26 1LS

Bury is the natural home for Croquet ( well the balls do spell it's name out, what further proof is needed!).

So welcome to Bury Croquet Club, a friendly club based in the town. We now have direct contol of five lawns. We take part in the North West Federation Leagues and now field Eight teams to compete in all forms of croquet disciplines & levels.

We've just finished our twenty eighth season. From our nomadic fledgling start on various bits of grass out and about around Bury, passing through our old home in the centre of the Athletic Track to now needing the entire borough - well two separate parks within it!
At Coronation Park (HQ) we have two courts, car parking and a well-equipped club house whilst over in Whitehead Park
(BL8 2PY or we offer three courts with another, larger palatial club house and plenty of car space.


Coronation Park
Two Courts


Our 'Home'...and centre of operations for our club

Many league matches and *fun* events are held here each season along with most coaching & practice sessions.
Come along and discover why our club keeps growing.....

Whitehead Park
Three Courts


Our new Tournament venue of choice.

We now play and practice here too, after spending the last 24mths leveling & expanding the playing area in yet another unkempt & unloved abandoned park.

Heaton Park
Four Courts


Internationals, Nationals & major 'A' Class events have been hosted by us here since 2003, at the facility built for the Manchester Commonwealth Games. Present turf condition means we currently have no fixtures planned for this former great venue.


What is Croquet? - Beginners Guide

How much does it Cost to be a member? - Less than you would think, unlimited play (& Coaching) all season for less than a single day's play at golf!

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